Saturday 4/22/2017 Container x-ray scanners at borders will double To ease the trade in Iran, the Government will increase the number of container scanners. It also helps to control the trafficked goods.

By: Dr. Mahya Karbalaii-Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture

This year 19 container x-ray scanners will be added to the country’s customs inspection checkpoints, bringing the total number of x-ray machines across different borders up to 31.

“Based on contracts between the Customs Office and two domestic organizations, i.e. the Ministry of Defense and Nuclear Energy Organization, a number of x-ray machines will be manufactured by these organizations domestically and the rest will be imported. By installing these machines, Iranian customs will be equipped with high and medium speed x-rays. Currently the manufacture of 5 container x-rays has become operational in the Ministry of Defense”, said Masoud Karbasian, Head of I. R. Iran Customs Administration.

Mr Karbasian confirmed taking delivery of a fully automatic fast scanner capable of scanning fifteen containers per hour. This scanner is to be installed in Shahid Rajayee port, Bandar Abbas, while another similar scanner is also ready for delivery.

By improving passing time through customs, Iran is seeking to facilitate trade factors throughout the country. Furthermore, by automating and mechanizing the equipment, the Government is seeking to crack down on trafficked goods and narcotics.

Based on the statistics released, the discovery of trafficked goods by the customs office showed a 50% growth during the last Iranian fiscal year of 1395 (March 2016 to 2017), respect to a year before that.

“The discovery of narcotics went from 15 kg in 1391 (March 2012-13) to 300 tons in 1394 (March 2015-16) and in 1395 (March 2016-17), customs officers discovered and seized the largest heroin shipment weighing 536 kg.

“By using advanced control equipment during the fiscal year of 1395, customs was also able to discover 50 cases of human trafficking which was unprecedented”, concluded Mr Karbasian.

Source: I. R. Iran Customs Administration official data


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