Tuesday 4/4/2017 Iran Customs publishes the report of Foreign Trade in 1395 Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration published the statistics of foreign trade during the past Iranian year of 1395 ( started on March 21 ,2016).
Based on the report of the public relations office of Iran customs, the value of  Iran’s non-oil exports with growth of 3.54 percent reached 43 billion and 930 million dollars during the 12 months of  past Iranian year (started on  March 21, 2016).
According to this report, during the 12 months of past year, 43 billion and 684 million dollars of goods were imported into the country which increased by 5.16 percent compared to the figures of the previous year. During previous Iranian year, the weight of imported and exported goods reached 33 million and 399 thousand tons and 129 million and 648 thousand tons respectively.
Main export items
During the period under consideration, the main export items consisted of gas condensate with value of 7 billion and 320 million dollars , light oils and products except gasoline with 2 billion and 479 million dollars, liquefied natural gases with value of 2 billion and 79 million dollars, liquefied propane with 1 billion and 222million dollars, and petroleum gases and liquefied hydrocarbon gases with 1 billion and 204 million dollars.
Main import items
The report further reveals that during the past Iranian year ( started on March 21, 2016), corn for feeding animals with value of 1 billion and 413 million dollars, soy bean with 909 million dollars, motor vehicles with cylinder capacity of 1500-2000cc with 893million dollars,  separate parts and segments for passenger car manufacturing with 782 million dollars and rice with 690 million dollars formed the main import items.
Main importers
During the period under study, China with allocation of 8 billion and 377 million dollars , UAE with 7 billion and 436 million dollars, Iraq with 6 billion and 111million dollars, Turkey with 3 billion and 244 million dollars, and Republic of Korea with 2 billion and 877 million dollars of Iranian non oil exports ranked first to fifth in this regard.
Main exporters
As for imports, China with 10 billion and 753 million dollars, UAE with 6 billion and 407 million dollars, Republic of Korea with 3 billion and 460million dollars, Turkey with 2 billion and 738 million dollars and Germany with 2 billion and 537 million dollars allocated the highest share of Iran’s imports to themselves.


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