Sunday 11/27/2016 Seizure of drugs concealed in postal parcels Different kinds of drugs were seized by the officers of zone 3 of IKIA Customs.
Customs officers of Imam Khomeini International Airport succeeded to detect and seize 6 kilograms of opium, 5 kilograms of crystal meth and 600 psychotropic pills concealed in different postal parcels.
Based on the report of the Public relations office of Iran customs, cannabis seeds are also among the drugs detected by the customs officers of zone3 of Imam Khomeini Airport.
Another report indicates that during the recent days more than 10 kilograms of heroin , 7 kilograms of crystal meth , 136 kilograms of nas  and 8 kilograms of opium were confiscated by  the officers of Iran Customs.
Based on the report, 2 new substances were also among the confiscated drugs. One of them belongs to psychotropic substances which called N.P.S and the other which contains methamphetamine and caffeine is called YATA pill.
It should be mentioned that the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration has been recognized as one of the superior customs administrations of the world for combating illegal drugs and narcotics by the WCO Information and Intelligence Center.


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