Sunday 10/23/2016 Dr. Karbasian in the Meeting of Customs Heads of ECO member states ECO countries need to cooperate in utilizing modern technologies Dr. Masoud Karbasian, the president of Iran customs administration in the meeting of ECO Customs Heads, stressed on the mutual cooperation of member stated in utilizing modern technologies and IT systems and announced that Iran Customs is ready to transfer the knowledge of digital technologies to other countries.
Despite the higher goals and strong incentive of the founders of Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) and desire and interest of ECO member states, the progress of measures and approved plans of this organization specially in the dimension of economic cooperation and trade exchanges have not satisfied the members and the decisions of the organization mainly related to customs cooperation and fighting against smuggling and customs offences, have not been implemented at desired level so far, Karbasian said during the meeting.
As we Know the capacities and fine resources , the population of 350 million , young labor forces and untapped markets of the member countries of ECO have paved the way for their economic development , he continued.
Dr. Karbasian further added:” fast growing information and communication technologies in different domains including foreign trade caused changes and deep reforms in performing trade and customs procedures and the World Customs Organization (WCO) as the leader of customs affairs in the world recommended that all countries should move in accordance with these reforms and changes throughout the world.”
He referred to the measures took place in Iran customs for computerizing and mechanizing all customs procedures, single window and Integrated Customs Comprehensive  System in line of WCO’s recommendations and announced that Iran customs is ready to transfer the experiences to other countries.
The president of Iran customs  further reviewed the approvals of the 3rd meeting of customs experts of ECO member states during the past 2 days and the latest accession to customs agreements including the agreement on establishing a data bank for smuggling and customs offences, the agreement on mutual administrative assistance , the latest situation of implementing the  transit transport framework agreement (TTFA) as well as the initiatives and activities and new plans regarding the promotion of customs cooperation among the member states , exchange of information and the program of Authorized Economic Operators (AEO).


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