Tuesday 10/18/2016 The 3rd meeting of Sub Committee of ECO Customs Experts held in Tehran The 3rd meeting of Sub Committee of ECO Customs Experts attended by 10 representatives of member states and Deputy President of IRICA in legal and Supervision affairs opened in Tehran.
Based on the report of the Public Relations office of Iran Customs, This 2 day meeting focuses on Customs and business issues, the way for expanding cooperation between the Customs Administrations and other Stakeholders in ECO region as well as the measures and agreements concerning the previous meetings in order to be Finalized and Presented to the 7th meeting of ECO Customs heads which is going to be held on Wednesday.
In this meeting which hosted by Iran, representatives of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and international organizations including World Customs Organization (WCO) and International Road transport Union(IRU) Participated.
Dr. Alireza Moghaddasi, Deputy President of IRICA, Welcomed the delegates and hoped for the Success of the meeting.
In his Speech, he referred to the importance of ECO region for business, transit and suitable geographical situation which would affect the world's economy.
He emphasized on the cooperation of ECO Member States in different fields Like electronic exchange of information and implementation of smuggling and Customs offences data bank as well as ratification of the agreement on mutual customs administrative assistance.


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