Wednesday, January 17, 2018   23:21:57
The support strategy for promotion of non-oil exports


     Policies taken by  Iran customs are controlling to secure maximum of facilities and satisfaction and encouraging exporters of non-oil products in the framework of job descriptions and taking optimum use of facilities of customs software and hardware to achieve the strategic purposes of securing export promotions.

     Increasing the satisfaction procedure of exporters of Iran customs' performance is an encouraging evidence of semi success of this organization for following policies.

     Following facilities are presented by IRICA for the exporters :

-         Accomplishing customs formalities for those exporting whose declaration is shown completely and right in 2 hours and non necessity of physical  sight and further assessment of the exported goods in exit border and confining it to just inspecting of the seal and to have confidence of its correctness in suspicious cases.

-         Possibility of completion of customs formalities of exported goods out of office time and official holidays, 24 hours of Imam Khomeini Airport customs activity and also setting up the afternoon working hour shift in Tehran Customs and Shahid Bahonar of Bandar Abbas.

-         Fulfilling customs formalities regarding the assessing of the export goods out of the customs areas.

-         Fulfilling customs formalities for exporting sealed products with standard sign without presenting the related certificate under special criteria and terms.

-         Giving a discount to bank guarantee for temporary addmission of exported raw materials, to valid and popular exporters up to 80% of CIF value.

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