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Postal Parcels:
Postal parcels consist of all parcels except letters and cards which are subject to specific regulations according to their weight, package and postal cost. In most of the times packages up to 20 kilograms are dispatched via land mail while packages up to 10 kilograms are sent via air mail.

Regulations for exporting goods via mail
Sending goods via mail is possible for those goods which are not commercial or illegal according to law or religion.
Sending non-Iranian goods via post is allowed up to 80 dollars of value for each person

Regulations for importing goods via mail
Based on export and import regulations, It is possible to import those goods which are not illegal and for commercial purposes up to 50 dollars of value for one person without paying customs duties and commercial benefits.
For those goods valued more than 50 dollars, the owner should pay customs duties and taxes.

Customs of postal parcels
Imported goods to this customs office are for 3 purposes:
1- Gifs and souvenir
2- Passenger goods
3- Sample and commercial goods

Gifts and souvenir
Based on the export and import regulations gifts for each person worthy of 50 dollars is releasable.

Passengers' goods
Those goods sent via post as passengers goods are subject to regulations belong to passengers.

Sample goods
Those goods or catalogues sent for training or manufacturing, researching companies are subject to related rules and regulations

Sending and receiving goods and presents
Article 34: (sending goods sample)
Sending goods made inside or outside the country as commercial sample or for the purpose of test, analyze or repair in the case of having no commercial volume or not to be in the list of forbidden goods and antique is allowed without commercial card or export permit. More than this amount is permissible regarding the related laws and regulation.
Article 36: (sending books, magazines, film, tapes, painting, and other art/cultural works)
Sending those books or magazines is permissible which are not banned inside the country. Export of painting and other art works is allowed with the permission of ministry of culture and Islamic guidance.
Article 37: (sending goods via post service)
Sending non- commercial goods via post except those goods, which are not illegal according to the law and regulation of the country, is permissible without demanding commercial card or export permit. If exit of some goods becomes a commercial flow, the ministry of commerce can announce the list of goods to the Customs Administration in order to be prohibited.
Note bene – the limit for goods price should not exceed 80 dollars for one person. 
Article 38: (import of goods without currency transfer)
1-       Spare parts, cutting instruments, new or used mold and goods sample (for research and copy making) for manufacturing, training or research units and also medicine sample and required substances for packing, medical equipments, laboratory instruments, milk and baby food, medical and research books, magazines and instruments for medical universities in the case of not having commercial aspects can be released personally by the related manufacturing, research or training or medical institute.
2-       In the case of shortage of unloaded goods, damage of imported goods or difference of imported goods with the ordered one, the overseas seller is bound to compensate the damage by sending free goods. The sent goods are releasable with the recognition of Iran Customs and acceptance of ministry of commerce.
Note bene (1) – shortage of cargo containing  (C. K. D) belonging to assembly factories and recognizable after the release, can be discharged just with the recognition of the related ministry concerning the manufacturing units and permission of ministry of commerce.
Note bene (2) – the imported goods required by manufacturing units recognized as unqualified after the customs release, can be discharged by the recognition of related ministry of manufacturing unit and allowance of ministry of commerce.
3-       If the customer can receive a discount from the seller, the sent surplus goods concerning the reduction in price will be discharged in the case of highlighting the issue of relation between the previous import and the new one by the recognition of Iran customs and allowance of ministry of commerce.
4-       Catalogues, brochures, calendars, pamphlets, CDs, diskettes, tapes and microfilms containing the technical and commercial information of goods, related documents of goods shipment, technical maps and sample can be released without payment of commercial benefit or allowance.
5-       The needed goods for contractors and consultants, with the recognition and permission of the related government organization and allowance of ministry of commerce will be releasable.
6-       Import and temporary or final release of books and magazines, CD, diskette, tape and microfilm containing scientific and cultural information and other products of print industry, distribution and making copy considering the technical and scientific issues with the allowance of related ministries is permissible.
7-       Required equipments, parts and segments for the domestic manufacturing units which are sent as free on the basis of sale contract by the foreign seller will be releasable with the recognition of the related ministry and permission of ministry of commerce.
8-       Required instruments, parts and segments for repair and maintenance and services of foreign made appliances inside the country by their legal agents will be releasable in the case of preparing the needed permissions.
Article 39: (import of goods via post)
Release of the posted non-commercial goods except those prohibited by law will be allowed for at most 50 dollars for one person without paying customs duties and commercial benefits and demanding commercial card and required permissions. If import of some goods becomes a commercial flow, the ministry of commerce with the cooperation of ministry of post, telegraph and telephone can announce the list of goods to the Customs Administration in order to be prohibited.
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