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In the name of God
Per regulation of third plan of economic social and cultural development based on obligation of inauguration disseminate information centers by related organizations for exporting, early in 1377, customs of Iran, acted to ingauration of first site of its inauguration disseminate, in two Internet and Intranet network to address of WWW.IRICA.ORG. And in this phase guide-book of using from network service in addition to sharing card , user name and password , dispatched to for political and governmental officials including supreme leader office , presidency , heads of three power , heads of expediency council , heads of parliament  and minister committee and heads of organization Earlier presidency , personally , participated in the opening ceremony of this center , in the place of Iran’s  exporting development exhibition and paid a visit to thank by earlier president of customs administration. In the 1379 , by inauguration of this center Iran customs , was succeed in taking plaques of honor in shahid Rajaee festival as a high organization in the case of disseminating information and transparency. In winter of 1380, second phase of this site inaugurated by using of different departments comments and completion of essential information. By focusing on governmental politics , based on development of electronic service , growth of information technology and execution of letter NO.1900,78558 dated 25..../08..../1387,vice president of , development of management and human capital office , article (37) of civil service management act for certain reasons :
Disseminate information and electronics services. The promotion of citizen’s satisfaction.
Creating change in the governmental systems for facilitate and
acceleration in the affairs of people and responsibility of managers. The promotion of administrative security system.
The reform in system and, methods Decrease citizen’s traffic. Concurrent with the birth Hazrat massoma (SA), dated 18..../07..../1389, the third phase were inaugurated as a portal of customs of Islamic Republic of Iran. Statistic office and information and communication technology, customs of Islamic Republic of Iran. (IRICA)
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