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Organizational Structure of  IRICA


     The Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration consists of a central
headquarters and eight branches of supervision. Customs President serves also as
Deputy minister of Finance and Economic Affairs which is the highest position of
Customs Administration.


·        The Central headquarters which controls and supervises the eight branches and executive Customs in Tehran, consists of the President’s Office and four Deputy President. The eight supervising branches in different parts of the country control
the executive customs throughout the country. Tehran Customs and Imam Khomeini Airport Customs are executive customs in Tehran which serve under the control of central headquarters in Tehran.

·        There are 144 executive Customs in addition to Special and Free Zone Customs located in Tehran and other towns and frontier localities and some Persian Gulf Islands and border markets of the country.

·        Central headquarters of Iran Customs consists of some units which play
role of guiding and coordinating supervisory branches and executive Customs
and as the case may be, notify regulations, instructions and sanctioned laws
or regulations and other measures which should be announced for carrying
out, or investigate discrepancies and questions asked for information by executive
Customs and acknowledge the final conclusion. For this purpose, Security and Guard Department, IT and Communication Department, Public Relations office, performance Management and Complaints Investigation Department, and Commissions for settlement of Customs disputes accomplish their duties under the supervision of Customs President.

     There are four Deputy Presidents consist of some departments and offices as following:

Deputy President for Technical and Customs Affairs consists of Import and Special and Free Zones Affairs Department, Export Department, Valuation Determination Department and Tariff Determination Department.

·     Deputy President for legal Affairs and Supervision consists of Supervision on
Transit Department, Verification and Auditing Department, legal Affairs Department and Fighting Against Organized Crimes Department.

Deputy President for management and Resources Development consists of Renovation and Administrative Reforms Department, Administrative Affairs and Welfare Department, Financial Affairs and Audit Department, and Development and Equipments Department.
·     Deputy President for planning and International Affairs consists of planning and Improving Customs Procedures Department, Studies, Research and Capacity Building Department, International Cooperation Department, and Customs Information Management Department.

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