Saturday 1/19/2013 Message of IRICA President to Customs heads of countries By devoting the theme of Innovation for customs progress to the year 2013, the world customs organization has taken a new policy for movement of member countries towards presenting more and better facilities to business community and sharing experiences in fighting against customs offences which is expected to increase the cooperation of members and highlight the role and impact of customs in facilitating trade and providing services to Authorized Economic Operators.
Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration in recent years, by implementing numerous plans and projects based on modern technologies of IT and ICT and utilizing electronic equipments including X-Ray machines and CCTV cameras, has acquired high success in presenting services to stakeholders and activists. For instance, the duration of time needed for customs procedures related to releasing export goods was decreased below 2 hours in the case of having complete documents and in import section, it has been reduced as less than 2 days which is relatively acceptable compared to some other countries.
Islamic Republic of Iran customs administration in this line, with compilation of a comprehensive plan titled as "Modern customs" is going to provide desirable situation proportionate to various requests of traders and businessmen, has promoted its role in decreasing time and cost of goods release from one side while executing customs regulations and its legal supervision from another side.
Moreover, customs should take part in the government's policy making and determination as an institution responsible for imports and exports with the object of trade expansion, investment, transit and tourism growth.
Another point I would like to emphasize is high determination of I.R. Iran customs administration for expansion and development of bilateral and multilateral customs cooperation especially with neighbor countries as well as cooperation with international organization and communities including world customs organization.
I should take the opportunity and congratulate January 26, International customs day, to your Excellency and your honorable colleagues.
Hope to fulfill new roles of customs along with the objectives of WCO through an overall cooperation.
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