Saturday 8/19/2017 Seizure of 6.5 tons of drug precursors by customs officers The officers of Iran customs succeeded to detect 6.5 tons of chemical precursors for producing heroin.
Based on the report of the Public Relations office of Iran Customs , by use of new monitoring systems , the customs officers suspected a chemical commodity declared as ascetic acid in a customs house  and immediately stopped the container for more investigations .
According to the laboratory report, the declared consignment was identified as Anhydride Acetic which is a precursor for producing heroin.
This consignment reached Iran via Turkey and its reported net weight is 6509 kilograms.
Based on the recent report of the RILO A/P, Iran acquired the first rank in seizing different kinds of drugs. According to this report, Iran Customs has the best performance in fighting against different kinds of traditional narcotics, psychotropic drugs, pills and precursors.


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